Thursday, November 14, 2013

St. Joseph's Abbey, Covington, Louisiana

Walker with Mary "Bunt" Townsend Percy

Before leaving, I snuck inside the empty church at St. Joseph's Abbey to pray and ended up wandering around, checking out the art and architecture. 

St. Catherine of Sienna

St. Cecilia

St. Mary Magdalene

Mary with Christ, flanked by the angel Gabriel and John the Baptist, winged I forget why

All the paintings in the church were by Dom Gregory de Wit, a
Dutch monk I'd heard of before. I'd hoped to swing by Sacred Heart
in Baton Rouge just to see his work, and turns out I didn't have to.

SS. Benedict and Scholastica

Update sidenote: Almost forgot, on the way home I got lost in New Orleans and happened to pass by this house as they were setting up for the outside shot.

Deux: Percy once said something to the effect that the average American is extraordinarily kind and surprisingly dumb. Well, having gotten myself into being nearly stranded about twenty miles to Beaumont with no gas, a frozen debit account and a dead phone (and still making it back in time for lunch with the folks, though I'd promised them breakfast), I can vouch. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.

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