Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Pro-Life Work Looks Like: "I've been to jail a few times. LOL"

I haven't identified as "pro-life" since college, but these days the movement is making me proud.

In February, Abby Johnson (ex-Planned Parenthood Director turned pro-life activist) spoke alongside Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, (anti-death penalty activist, author of Dead Man Walking) at the Consistent Life Ethic Conference. Topics included abortion (of course, but also), racism, feminism, and the death penalty. The latter presentation garnered a low turnout, but it was an applause-worthy effort to get people talking about all of these under one roof.

Another proud moment: not long ago I opened Facebook to see this conversation from a pro-life friend, two nights after a woman was arrested for throwing a molotov cocktail at a pro-life group keeping vigil in front of an Austin Planned Parenthood.

A reminder that ultimately it's not "us vs. them", especially when people need help.

"Beatitude 6 - Consciousness"
Stanley Spencer
"Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God (in other people)..."
(Matthew 5:8)