Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Noticed That You Noticed That I Noticed That You Noticed . . .

Maybe it's this gin that's been keeping me company for the past three four out of five nights . . .

A mutual acquaintance, no?

. . . along with a few of my closest alter egos. But this, by Korrektiv's Angelico Nugyen, Esq., OP, tickled me helpless:


Too funny! I woke my downstairs neighbor, probably. And that Guardini quote, from the epigraph to The Last Gentleman, was touching.

Well, carrying on, I suppose the thing to do now is to shake the dust from your feet, and whatever else might be clinging to their bottoms. Or, what I mean is: being featured on the Korrektiv Press blog is pretty fantastic, and who could ask for more than three mentions and a sidebar link? I mean six mentions and two sidebar links would be great, but . . .

In truth, to take a page from a certain Korrektiv founder (and I guess the Roman centurion and missal): I am not worthy. But thanks! again, for the encouragement and the promotion, and not least of all for the elevation from anonymous blogger to fellow komrade.

Is it too unfolded and flattering to let slip that I feel like Pierre Cassel, left of Serge Gainsbourg here, in the presence of such monochromatic suave and talent?

Pride? What is pride? 

Probably, right?

But whatever. "[T]he more precious will that love be which flows from one [vaguely Walker-Percy-themed web-log] to another," indeed!

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