Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bird Cherry

You chosen sober sipper,
crowing sewer, be my ripper,
carry fresh cot-foiled kipper,
come inside

Oh laking glow, you stake and stave
patterned on this pitted cave,
grackle sitting in my grave,
be my guide

Cast your roots and purple gloomy
looted secrets, whisper bloomy
leaflet shells and flame chutes fuming,
flickered wide

Lantern light shaking side-shimmer,
gleam this raking sultan swimmer
touch my web, let outthreads glimmer
back in slides

Make my seams seem like a shadow
silhouetted silver plateau
seraphic word help me sing
that flashlight song upon your wing

It’s only healthy, only decent
to obsess when you have eaten
and drunk that strong wedding water—
in her hand, a band you bought her

Something she wouldn’t regret
throw a bridge, work up a sweat,
make your lungs a gusted harbor
beaten by your lusty ardor

Though the link may never catch
let it sink into your hatch

Disbeliever, quiet praire
some day there’s a bright bird cherry
and a girl that I may marry

There’s no gainsaying the morning
There’s a phosphorescent warning

There’s the borrowed antler beauty
and the branch that blooms right through me

When you’re close I’m nowhere near me
but your glowing always cheers me

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